Do you want to be a successful trader?

If you’re like us, you embrace the idea that a true friendship is nourished by openness, sincerity, and trust. This vision also defines how you conceive your job as a full-time trader. You treat your trading as a business by staying in tune with the market and executing your trading system without being influenced by external noise. You are sincere with yourself, taking all responsibility for your mistakes. You embrace them to focus, correct them to avoid reproduction and trust your trading system – giving it time to manifest.

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Professional Trader

My objective is to evolve to be a Realized Spiritual Being and inspire others to be the same, purely through experience.

I believe we are all one consciousness, experiencing itself in different forms. Yogi, Trader, Social Entrepreneur, I could be labeled in any way, but a label does not define who we are; our actions do.

I am driven to make you the best you can be.

As a former real estate lawyer, I am very meticulous and rigorous. I always try to push my logic as far as possible.

Once I am on my way, I put all my efforts into manifesting the result leading my partners to what looks like the “best path.”

It allowed me to create the logic and the trading system that set me free.

I live my life as a huge challenge.

Professional Trader

We help you design
the life you want.

We provide high-value ideas and information in the trading ecosystem, mainly in the desperately lacking crypto-sphere. We, unfortunately, noticed that valuable traders are too few and are just the trees that conceal the forest of fake, emotional, and bad traders.

Being a consistent trader requires an advanced understanding of your psychology. That is why we genuinely think that by developing our trading, we develop ourselves in ways that ripple throughout our lives.

We firmly believe that we can change the very nature of our reality. We are in that sense, coauthors with the nature of our future, not merely passive subjects of it.

Our emotions are not automatic responses to what happens in reality but result from our interpretation of what occurs.

Depending on the accuracy of our beliefs and our judgments about what occurs in reality, emotions can either serve us or harm us; they can act as a protector or a destroyer.

Life then becomes a kind of illusion; an extrapolation of our consciousness through the interpretation of emotions, which creates our reality.

Life becomes a game and we are its player.

As we master the game, so we also create it. It is our creation, so we can dismantle it and recreate it at will. This is exactly HOW we are going to help change you.

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