Pillar 1: Graduation Quiz

Rules of the quiz.

  • You have to complete the quiz before moving on the next lesson.
  • Some questions have multiple answers, some do not.
  • Time is not restricted, take your time, think twice.
  • In order to play fair, you can’t cheat the results: After you submit the quiz, your answers become final. Like in the market, there is no free lunch.
  • After submitting the quiz:
    • you will instantly receive your score,
    • you will see your progress on the course curriculum page,
    • you will see the correct answers, and a « remember that » explanation,
    • you will be able to access the next lesson.
  • Enjoy !

PS/ Thank you to Mintpal for his help!


This quiz is a bit special as it contains some questions related to the whole pillar 1 but also about:

  • All the main blog posts of the website (especially the posts about pullbacks, trend reversal, and market structure).
  • ADX, a requirement to start pillar 2. In order to be on top of that, I invite you to revisit the ADX tutorial available for free on the website.

Good luck !