We are that accelerate your ideas.

We are that accelerate your ideas.

Three funds

Two types of strategies


Our investment funds follow two types of strategies: - the first one is to invest in liquid asset backed debt - and the second one is to leverage our extensive experience in the financial markets by implementing passive systematic strategies.We have launched three funds around the philosophy above: a global debt fund, an equity financing fund and a quantitative strategy fund.

50 years of experience combined

Strong talent


Part of our team has more than 50 years combined of experience in the financial markets. We have a strong track records on Equities and Commodities.We traded all types of products from the simplest ones to the more complex derivatives (options, exotics, structured products, etc.).We also have strong talent with alternative debt combined with equity financing experience strengthening our team with wide range of skills to cover our investment strategy through each fund ans launched.

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