IN ORDER TO retain the Subverto Trading Club as your provider of watches, alerts and signals of the Cryptos, Indexes, Forex, Commodities and stocks markets, altogether referred to as “warnings”, you have to read and agree on the following terms and conditions.


The “SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB” (or “STC”) means the company providing the following services:

    •  “STC FLOOR”, free network of real time trading reviews or ideas based on twitter, telegram, slack or other communication tools for team available through the internet.
    •  “STC Live”, access to an online trading room with Cryptos, indices, forex, commodities or stocks based on twitter, telegram, slack or other communication tool for team. Team members are able to follow our trading ideas we execute in live to understand our logic and how we take entries, manage, and exit our trades.
    •  “STC Courses”, access to online trading or mindset reprograming courses available through videos aka “e-courses”.

STC paid subscription/service” refers to the services mentioned above. 

User” or “Users” means the person who subscribes to one of the paying services. 

Subscriber” means the person who subscribes to one or more of the paying services of SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB.


a. Service description

The SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB FLOOR paid services operate as a paid subscription. There are several types of paid subscriptions based on different timeframes of subscriptions. 

The data recorded by SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB as well as the confirmation emails exchanged are proof of all transactions between the SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB and the subscriber.

The data recorded by the payment system is proof of financial transactions. The subscriber may, if he wishes, obtain an invoice upon request by e-mail.

The SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB FLOOR offers an access to a flow of ideas on the financial markets, especially concerning trading strategies. Access to this service requires the creation of a free account on a tool built for communication between team members like twitter, telegram or slack, or the creation of an account (username and password) to the private member area of the website. The User can then communicate with no time limit. The user will have access to the subscribed service upon receipt of his/her identification parameters (user name and/or password) to the email address filled in during the account creation process. The user must therefore ensure the validity of his e-mail address. The SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB cannot be held responsible if the service is not provided for reasons related to the e-mail address. 

When creating the account, all the general terms and conditions of use of the site and subscription will be sent and must be confirmed and accepted by the user in order to validate the request to create an account.

b. Description of the subscription

1. Price:

The price of the proposed service is indicated in euros or dollars. Any order, whatever its origin, is always payable in fiat money under any conditions. Crypto-payment are accepted but definitely not encouraged. They are just a facility for the user. In order to encourage the payment using fiat, the Subverto Trading Club keeps the right to apply a premium to crypto-payement.

The service will always be invoiced on the basis of the pricing in effect at the time of registration of the subscription.

2. Fiat payment:

Payment must be made by means of a bank card according to the payment procedure described and selected during the subscription process. The subscriber is solely responsible for the actual payment of the proposed service (valid and personal card, provisioned account). The SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB cannot be held liable in the event of payment by means of fraudulent payment.

The subscriber has a right of withdrawal of 14 days from the day of acceptance of the subscription. Access to the service is unlimited during the subscription period.

3. Security of payment:

Payment of the subscription is made by means of a secure connection provided by the payment service of the SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB bank’s. The SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB does not know and does not and will never store the card numbers of its subscribers.

c. Subscription Requirements

Access to these subscriptions requires the prior holding of a free account whose description and conditions of use are set out in these terms and conditions.

Subscribing to one of the STC pay services requires filling out a form that will include information about the subscriber (name, address, email), and a complete agreement on the current terms and conditions.

The subscriber undertakes to provide true and complete information in order to ensure the uniqueness of his access. 

The subscription begins as soon as the payment has been validated and for the elected duration of commitment.

The counterparty of the payment (confirmation of subscription and payment, information on the subscription) will be delivered through the e-mail indicated by the subscriber during the procedure of creation of account. 

The subscriber may, if he wishes, obtain an invoice upon request by e-mail.

d. Conditions of use of the paid services

  • How are “The Warnings” rated:

This is first and foremost an educational service that offers a directional opinion on the financial markets using proprietary method based on financial market data.

In any retainers, the Subverto Trading Club offers continuous surveillance of Crypto pairs, Indexes, Commodities, Forex, and Stock markets, rating each warning, such that:

    1.   A WATCH, which refers to a price action that elevates the underlying to a possible trading opportunity.
    2.   An ALERT, which refers to a price action that elevates the underlying to a PROBABLE trading opportunity.
    3.   A SIGNAL, which refers to a price action that elevates the underlying to a HIGH­ PROBABILITY trading opportunity. 

If and once any of these warnings come up, the Subverto Trading Club will release this information using the team members communication tool that has been elected between the founders, whose access has been disclosed to the subscribers, in addition to a strategic forecast detail (aka the “STRATFOR”).

There is no guarantee that there would be a consistent or any preset number of warnings released per day or week. Indeed, the warnings depends on price action and market conditions so they can only be released once both matches the Subverto Trading Club proprietary method.

The Subverto Trading Club has no control over price action and market conditions. As a consequence, there is no guarantee of profitability. Prior successful or profitable performance of these warnings does not guarantee similar or same success of profit in the future. The STC website has never promised any kind of returns, especially any unrealistic returns.

The STC simply wants to allow individuals to have an access, see and understand how the STC founders capital grow, including a very strict rules of money management. The User is aware that absolutely no leverage should be used in order to prevent any emotional mistakes because of “leveraged emotions”. 

The STC does not practice the advised management under any circumstances. As part of this management, the SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB team can use a derivative financial instrument called CFD. This financial instrument is characterized by leverage and may result in capital losses greater than the initial investment. By subscribing to one of the STC paid services, the subscriber acknowledges being aware of the risks inherent in the use of this type of instrument.

  • What the ideas and reports contain: The “STRATFOR”.

Of the three levels of warnings (watch, alert and signal), only the SIGNAL represents the highest probability set up, worthy of consideration. These signals are not financial advice. 

By subscribing to one of these paid services, the subscriber obtains access to financial transactions carried out within the framework of the real portfolio the founders are managing on their own. The trading operations carried out are given for information purposes and do not represent any obligation to invest, at any moment.

 Once the signal is released, it will also contain an idea of:

    • ENTRY: Expect a recommended price zone in MOST reports
      • Aggressive: This is typically generated through the proprietary method, so it is not likely to reveal any other rationale than the method itself.
      • Conservative: This is typically in reference to technical analysis elements, such as patterns, structures, resistance/support levels, or momentum, which will be detailed in the report.
    • STOP­LOSS: Expect one or two levels of stop­loss recommendation in MOST ideas.
    • TARGETS: Expect several levels of targets in MOST ideas and reports. The Subverto Trading Club system implies to offload partially any position after the price moved in the favor of the opened position. It means, that an idea comes with a HIGH ­PROBABILITY target where the user can/has to bank partial profits depending of his own trading style, and a MODERATE­ PROBABILITY target or LOW ­PROBABILITY target where the author is closing his trade.

Each user is expected to trade at their levels of comfort and apply reason and responsibility in regards to sustainable losses and profit expectation. This is an educational service, so the user has to do his own due diligence before applying these educational trading opportunities to the market situation.

Subscriber acknowledges sole responsibility for the use of the information provided by the SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB. In this sense, SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB and its managers and employees cannot be held liable for errors, omissions, inappropriate investments, events beyond the control of the company (Article 1231 and nexts, of the French Civil Code).

e. Miscellaneous

Watch, alerts, signals, stratfor can also include:

    1. ­ Educational information, such as technical analysis on a single security or crypto as long as the Subverto Trading Club is able to generate this information. ­If not, the user would be informed ahead and won’t be charged. The users notice and agrees that any started “paid subscription” won’t be refund.
    2. Charts in multi-timeframes, mostly coming from TradingView.com services (mainly, M1, M3, M5, M15, H1, H3, H4, daily, three days, weekly, monthly).
    3. Indicators such as price, volume, adx, and­ other indicators may also be included as additional educational materials. 
    4. Concise in ­chart trading opinion levels, such as aggressive or conservative entries, stop­loss and forecast opined by the author.
    5. Additional comments such as quotes, references, links and fundamental data can also be found in the analysis, but is not a core feature of this technical analysis service.
    6. Market geometry, including but not limited to Wolfe Wave, 1-2-3 reversal or A-B-C retracement.
    7. Supplemental educational comments on market geometries, strategic forecast, trading method proprietary.


Each user holding a free account agrees to respect this charter:

    1.   The user has to respect the law in force. He is solely responsible for his remarks on SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB FLOOR. It incurs civil, criminal, tax and administrative liability.
    1.   The user undertakes not to express hateful, racist, violent, defamatory or abusive language. Furthermore, it also undertakes not to publish links to documents that are the subject of Copyright or false information related to listed companies. The user agrees not to publish links or documents intended to cause computer damage to third parties or the company named the SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB.
    1.   The user undertakes not to promote other companies, whether competitors or not, during the discussion sessions on the network. 
    1.   The user undertakes to comply with current stock exchange legislation. The company reminds the user of its duty to comply with the Ordinance n ° 67-833 of September 26, 1967 instituting a commission of the stock exchange operations and relating to the information of the holders of securities and the publicity of certain operations of (Insider trading, misdemeanor of communication of privileged information, offense of spreading false information, offense of manipulation of the courts, crime of illicit speculation …)
    1.   The presence of a webmaster gives the SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB a

transparency and control of the comments made by the user. The company undertakes to collaborate with the courts in the event of a formal request for information about the user

    1.   The SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB, through its webmaster, reserves the right to remove without notice any message that is not in conformity with the network’s charter and the current market legislation. The company also reserves the right to remove without notice any account that does not comply with the network’s charter.
    1.   SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB reminds all its users that under Article 632-1

(2) of the AMF General Regulation (Financial Markets Authority aka “AMF”, the French equivalent of the Secutiy Exchange Commission aka “SEC”), the fact that any person may give his opinion on a value, without indicating simultaneously the position previously taken by it on the same value, and benefiting from this situation, is a matter of the dissemination of false information. The article of the AMF aims at the lack of transparency of very active and very listened investors who would have gained a real influence on the forums of discussion and who would engage in campaigns of promotion of a title to the purchase as to the sale.

    1.   The user of this service has read the “Terms and Conditions” and understands that:

a) Payment for this service is based on the understanding of the “Terms and Conditions”.

b) Payment is un­refundable in any part or in whole once the transaction completes.

c)     No cancellation will be accepted once the right of withdrawal has expired. The subscriber is then hired for the duration of the chosen subscription.

d)     No subscription will be tacitly renewed without the prior consent of the subscriber.

e)     Each subscription is nominative and non-transferable. The subscriber remains solely responsible for the access data provided during the subscription process and is not allowed to share his own account to non-subscribers people.

f)     If the payment is rejected, the subscription will be automatically suspended and the subscriber will be informed immediately by e-mail.

g)     STC reserves the right to terminate any subscription without notice in the event of a breach of this rule (capital not present or inactive account). The subscriber will be informed of this termination and of his reason.

h) The report, products and services and content therein are proprietary in nature and delivered for the personal use of the user only.

i)     This represents payment for an educational service and not a trading recommendation service.

j)     Any transaction is for the opinion on trading for but not limited to markets securities, such as Cryptos, forex, ETFs, stocks, indexes, commodities.

k) Market conditions are fluid and variable, which may cause the educational and related trading information of the underlying security to become void and irrelevant.

l) Common sense and common courtesies should be observed at all times during this transaction. ­The Subverto Trading Club reserves the right to refuse the processing of payment or decline providing service to anyone based on his own discretion, eventhough a paid subscription is currently running. The user’s remaining time of the paid subscription would be lost.


All contents, pages, scripts, illustrations and icons and graphics are the exclusive property of the SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB.

 The user of the free service and the subscriber undertake not to reproduce or redistribute this data, free of charge or for consideration, in any form or manner whatsoever.


The SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB is bound by an obligation of means. The company ensures the proper functioning of the site but cannot be held responsible for any malfunction in the event of disruption or interruptions of the Internet connection provided by their external service providers.

The company ensures the smooth running of the trading sessions but cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies in the graphic data provided by their external service provider or the user’s one.

The SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB team provides a service to accompany its subscribers during a trading sessions and according to the following times. A trading session is defined by the SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB funders. Any request outside a trading session could be processed by e-mail. In the event of a large number of requests from its subscribers, the company undertakes to reply as soon as possible. However, it reminds its subscribers that it is bound by an obligation of means. The company cannot be held responsible for any omission in the answers.

The company recalls that the management of the CRYPTO / CFD / FOREX portfolio and made available to the subscriber has no contractual value. In this sense, the company cannot be held liable in the event of an inappropriate investment, error or omission as well as in the event of a market development unfavorable to the transactions carried out.

Subscribing to any type of SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB subscription service does not bind the company to a minimum of market transactions during the subscription period. The company ensures that it provides investment opportunities based on the market signals detected by the team.


During its existence, the website may collect data on its users. We inform you that during your visits to the site, a cookie will be installed automatically on your software of navigation. The parameters of your navigation software allow you to be informed of the presence of cookie and possibly to refuse it.

 More informations are available on our cookies/privacy policy pages.


The present terms and conditions of use of the site and its services are governed by the French law as long as the company is still in the making.

Once the company will be all set (it means once she would have receive a matriculation and has the moral personality), in the event of a dispute between the user or the subscriber regarding the interpretation, execution and termination of any part of the general conditions of use of the site and subscription, the competent court will be Corresponding to the place of residence of the registered office of SUBVERTO TRADING CLUB.